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A Yoni Print, is the captured image of a woman's vulva through an artistic process using different mediums onto a surface. The process in which the women are held, guided and supported, sets this work apart from any other and contributes to depth that each yoni print exudes.

Printing ourselves onto the earth, paper, rocks and other various surfaces has for thousands of years connected us to ourselves, inspired one another and has been a way to tell our story. Yoni Prints, is a shared form of celebration and healing. Most women experience a form of Yoni Printing within intimate circles across the world as a way for women to celebrate her connection to the portal of creation, reconnect her mind and body, reclaim her body and sexuality and for her to remember that her womb, her yoni, is sacred and beautiful in all her shapes and sizes. 

For Christina, this intimate and personal practice was sparked with an invitation to create an art installation in 2018. She then began the journey of sitting in front of every women who desires to capture their most intimate self portrait. It is because of each woman's transformative and joyous experience that this work has continued to grow and expand. She created the workshop and retreat for women to gather and share in the healing and celebration together.

It is composed of three main elements: education, artistic expression and meditation/ceremony.


A term derived from the 3500 year old Indo-European language, Sanskrit.

This singular work gives reverence to a woman's entire reproductive organ, from fallopian tubes to external vulva.

Yoni Print sessions are available to all women-identifying and non-binary who desire to capture their feminine essence. 

The Heart Box Owner and Curator - Jill Sans
Sexual Healing
Artist - Christina Castaldo

"It is each woman's shared experience that moves and inspires me to continue bringing this work out into the world. I would never have imagined that I would have the honor and privilege to hold and witness women as they fall in love with themselves. To see their eyes light up, to be with them when they let go of the shame or trauma they have held for so many years, when they laugh and are overcome with pride. It's truly a gift that I hold dear to my heart. 

This work is fierce, soft, powerful, raw, vulnerable, sweet, sexy, erotic, awakening, healing, grounding, alive." 

Christina Castaldo

Sexual Healing


Her natural approach to artistry is in the way she captures the subtle energies of what she touches. Christina is acutely attendant to the details of all things in her life and work. This is clearly visible in the delicate nature of her printing. Her sessions reflect the beauty and sacredness that is ever present within all of us and all around us. She is a sexual and sensual healing artist. 


She brings to Yoni Print her background leading groups and individuals on subjects such as self love, self expression, emotional release, ceremony, sexual education, communication, personal boundaries, sexual healing and personal empowerment. Educated in the ways of Tantra, Sacred Sexuality, Energy Healing, Bodywork and Shamanic practices. In true medicine woman style, Christina is not simply one thing, nor one singular expression of healing. She listens intently, with an open heart and meets her clients where they are in each moment; pulling from her background to hand craft a personal experience that reflects the individual's desires, intentions, concern and boundaries.

Although she is inspired by the variety and beauty that is captured, she is also very aware of the healing and therapeutic aspects of this work that women experience from the process. Therapists and friends send their clients to her to strengthen their self-esteem, self love, sexual education and self worth.

Portrait of Smiling Woman

What Women Are Saying

Like many things in my life, the choice comes down to friendship, trust, and curiosity. I haven’t felt like a creative person since childhood, but when Christina began talking about yoni prints the idea of collaborating with her and seeing what would be revealed excited me.

The experience for me can only be described as anxious relaxation.

I put myself in Christinas capable hands and sank into the sensations: the softness of the paintbrush, the coldness of the paint, the pressure of the surface; arousing and relaxing all at once. But the anticipation remained and each print was new and different. I was anxious to see what would be revealed each time and amazed by the many ways my yoni presented herself. I didn’t think she had that many facets or that I would see so much in my prints!

I’ve shared my favorite prints with others and encouraged them to do prints of their own. I would definitely do it again! I’m so glad that I took the chance, and I couldn’t have done it without Christina on the other end of the paintbrush.  | Stephanie Pearlman

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