Yoni Print™

Yoni Prints, were birthed into the world in1998 by Charlotte Criste and have since been carried forth by Christina Castaldo. Who by invitation from her dear sister Olivia and the colossal wave of Yes' did Christina begin the journey of sitting before women to capture their most intimate of self. It is because of their transformative and joyous experiences has this work continued to grow and expand.


A term derived from the 3.500 year old Indo-European language,
Sanskrit, and one that gives reverence to a woman's entire reproductive
organ, from fallopian tubes to external vulva. In today's evolutionary
time, Yoni Prints speak to all those who desire to honor, celebrate
and cherish their feminine essence.

Yoni, is also a Divine symbol of Universal Procreative Energy.

She is "Sacred Space"
She is "Source of Life"

A Yoni Print™ is the captured image of a woman's external vulva through an artistic process using different mediums onto a surface. 

Printing ourselves onto the earth, paper, rocks and other various surfaces has for thousands of years connected us to ourselves, inspired one another and is a way to tell our story. It activates the history that lays within our blood, that connects us to our ancestors. Our ancestors who told stories with their fingers and hands. 

The Yoni Printing process facilitates healing and produces therapeutic benefits. When we take hold of the paintbrush and begin to apply color or movement to a surface we are stimulating and activating different parts of our brain that are responsible for releasing hormones that make us feel happier, reduce stress, can improve our creative and strategic thinking. Being part the creative process also allows us to access deeper levels of our consciousness and offers us an invitation to become self reflective. With so many buried stories and traumas that are associated with sexuality, Yoni Prints give our bodies a voice, a way to tell their story. That story can be one of celebration, discovery or a releasing of something old that no longer serves the happiness and health of our future Self. 

Each Yoni Print is alive. They hold the energetic imprint of the woman who's Yoni was pressed onto the paper. Capturing her Divine Feminine or Masculine essence. It holds the story and message from the womb in which it was created. 

Yoni Prints are Sacred.


It heals,

It gives space for us to remember. 

May this sacred art move you.

May the energetics speak to you.

May the community support you.

Yoni Print 

Sacred Art of the Divine Feminine