Yoni Print Portrait Sessions

We all feel called for different reasons. And really, the reason is not always as important as the fact that you have arrived, curious, willing and ready (at least partially) to investigate and explore your relationship with yourself. You can move at your own pace, you can choose what feels in alignment for you. All things Yoni Print are born of the belief in conscious choice and listening, so please, read below and feel into your body. Let us know how we can be of service.

Yoni Print

An Intimate Self Portrait Session

An Intimate Portrait Session 

During this personal session we will talk about your individual desires and intentions of having your Yoni printed. We will discuss the process in which we will capture Her and customize the session to your specific vision and desired outcome.


Please note, while all intention will be placed on supporting the experience you desire, there is no guarantee that you will "love" your print as this is a practice in how Yoni wants to be expressed, not in manufacturing a specific image. Your Yoni is unique and changeable. She feels different in each moment as you do. Please know that as you allow Her to show up however she shows up in this session, you too, will better allow yourself to show up however you show up in any given moment.


Included in your 3 Hour Yoni Print Session:

* Setting of Sacred Space

* Over View of What to Expect

* Self Care

* Non Verbal Communication Practices

* Staying Present Practice

* Yoni Meditation

* 20-30 Prints with your Choice of Colors


Following the session, you will get to choose one that will be framed for you to take home. Christina will professionally have 1-5 of your favorite Yoni Prints reproduced for you to treasure. Additional prints will be provided in a digital file online so that you can view and download them at your leisure. Additional reproduced Yoni Prints can be purchased in the store for your portrait session only.  


**All originals will be kept by Christina and are considered hers to use with love and reverence in whatever ways she deems in alignment with the Yoni Print mission and vision. If your prints are selected throughout time to be purchased in the As She Is collection, as part of our sustainability philosophy you will receive financially 25% of the profit for the lifetime in which it is reproduced.**