• Charlotte Criste

    "Yoni Print is a form of worship for me.”

    An artist her whole life, from embroidery and accessories to
    sculpture, Charlotte Criste is the Grandmother, the Wise Woman of this medicine. She began this artistry in the late 90’s when she was inspired by Annie Sprinkle’s “Tit Prints” and was curious what would come forward from the painting and printing of Yonis. 


    Although she finds such variety and beauty in this work, she also is very keen to the healing and therapeutic aspects of the work and even has therapists friends sending their clients to her to improve their self-esteem. She has also experimented with other body parts including lingam printings.Her prints are deep, rich and bold, her use of color is vibrant and allows for the full expression of Yoni to come through. She is professional yet comfortable with her work and thus allows for her
    clients to joyfully let go of their inhibitions and instead play and get curious about the land that is their sacred vessel.

    Currently Living in Austin, TX, Criste will travel small distances to clients and will travel to facilitate workshops with Christina. Most recently she was in Phoenix, AZ working with resident artist, Christina Castaldo, for the women of the "I Am Her” Collection. It is with great esteem that she has entrusted Chrstina with the future evolution of Yoni Prints. 

    Charlotte Criste

  • Christina Castaldo

    "It is each woman's shared experience that moves and inspires me to continue bringing this work out into the world. I would never have imagined that I would have the honor and privilege of holding and witnessing women fall so in love with themselves. To see their eyes light up, to be with them when they let go of the shame or trauma they have held for so many years, when they laugh and are overcome with pride. It's truly a gift that I hold dear to my heart. 

    This work is fierce, soft, powerful, raw, vulnerable, sweet, sexy, erotic, awakening, healing, grounding, alive."


    Not formally an Artist by worldly standards, her natural approach to artistry is in the way she captures the subtle energies of what she touches. Christina is acutely attendant to the details of all things in her life and work. This is clearly visible in the delicate nature of her printing. Her sessions reflect the beauty and sacredness that is ever present within all of us and all around us.She is a sexual and sensual healing artist. 


    She brings to Yoni Print her background leading groups and individuals on subjects such as self love, self expression, emotional release, ceremony, sexual education, communication, personal boundaries, sexual healing and personal empowerment. Educated in the ways of Tantra, Sacred Sexuality, Energy 

    Healing, Bodywork and Shamanic practices. In true medicine woman style, Christina is not simply one thing. Not one singular expression of healing. She listens intently and meets her clients where they are in each moment, pulling from her background to hand craft a personal experience that reflects the individual's desires, intentions, concern and boundaries. 


    After a red tent workshop in 2011, where Yoni Prints were part of the group experience, Christina began painting herself as a way to connect with her body and sexuality on her own terms. It continues to be a source of catharsis. It is by invitation that this work continues. Where it will go, is a mystery. Today it is shared in the form of retreats, personal portrait sessions, collaborative opportunities and showings at local galleries, businesses and film festivals.

    Christina Castaldo

From the Women who are Reclaiming, Celebrating & Healing

The genesis of “yes” for me is simply because I was asked and yoni printing sounded interesting. The journey the “yes” took me on was unexpected. The process of the painting itself was fascinating. It should have felt odd baring my most private self, but instead it felt like coming home. It felt like the joy and intimacy of family. 

Unexpected emotion welled up, and I could clearly hear my yoni’s authentic voice for the first time. It was like receiving the most delicious hug from the universe. 

When I saw the prints (and I still can’t stop looking at them) I was entranced. I find that they tell me something new about myself each time I look at them. Ballet 

dancers, peacocks, pop culture references, pieces of my relationships...all captured in my yoni, my Natasha, guardian of my soul. The rebirth of a Phoenix burning 

bright with flame. I shared my experience with several people I love, and the telling of the tale was something intimate, sweet and exciting. I was surprised at the 

reaction of my husband. In hearing about the experience, it allowed him to hear Natasha’s voice as well. On occasion he will talk to her now, placing his hand over her 

and honoring her with his love and warmth. As for me, I feel like I have woken a slumbering entity. One that is maiden, mother and crone. It sometimes feels like an 

impossible wisdom. I will be eternally grateful for the gift.

- Bonnie

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