Yoni Printing is not for everybody, and yet, the teaching of it is part of everybody’s experience. The notion of being “seen”, the stories around what it might mean to be seen fully, the stories we tell ourselves based on HOW we perceive ourselves…’I am too much, not enough, not ok, I want to change this…’. With this Universal experience as the underlying medicine in Yoni printing, there are a plethora of spaces where Yoni Prints can be combined with other artistic expressions in a beautiful communion and it is our deepest honor to collaborate in these ways. Local and Indie film festivals, music festivals, Pride week events, a Moon circle or Ceremony, sexual healing workshops, emotional release workshops, Blessing Way Ceremony and many more.

If you are interested in speaking with us about the possibilities of collaboration, or if you have an idea of where this work may be a beautiful addition to an event, we are always a YES to conversation. 

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Outside with the elements, music, artistry, community, bare feet… We love festivals! We love to attend and enjoy and we love to bring the beautiful works of Yoni Print to them. Whether as vendors or as a living art installation, Yoni Print is open and available the spaces that are in alignment with this sacred work. Please feel free to reach out to us if you are interested in having us participate in your festival. 

Official Artwork

Flagstaff, Az

Orpheum Theater

October 3rd 2019

2019 Women's Film Festival


There is such a desire for connection, for inner knowing, for deep relationship. As humans we are inherently tribal beings and we seek to be part of community. It is this urge that calls individuals to attend workshops, gatherings, circle and ceremonies where deep relationship is established. Yoni Prints are a sacred artistry that hold this inherent desire at the forefront. Yoni Prints are a unique way to know ourselves deeply and witness each other. Yoni Prints can be a wonderful, supportive piece to any heart centered, intimate healing workshop and we love to show up in this way.

Body Temple Level 2 - Empowered Sexuality
Private Residence

Phoenix, Arizona
October 11-13, 2019

Wild woman way

Created exclusively for Body Temple Level 2, Yoni Print sexual healing artist Christina Castaldo will facilitate a group session unique to the women within this powerful circle.  

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About Body Temple Level 2

Can you imagine a world where all women love themselves? Who can stand in front of the mirror and see themselves exactly as they are and embrace every single part of themselves?

Can you envision a world where all women are empowered and don’t need someone else to affirm them? A world where women gracefully own their power and trust in their intuition. Imagine a tribe of women who move from a space of knowing; of personal freedom and who see other women as their comrades and not as threats. Women who support each other, who love each other and view one another as sisters. Sisters who “place bricks beneath the others feet” when its time for her sister to birth a new creation.

It’s possible.

This training is not for the faint of heart. This training is designed for women who want to be extraordinary in every aspect of their life and understand that their liberating their sexuality is at the helm of spiritual and personal freedom. 

Discussion Lead by:
Rick Williams, Authentic Relating Facilitator
Sama Davidson, Sensual Healing Artist
Olivia Halliday, Owner, Women's Healing Circle Facilitator 
Veronica Clark, Women's Sexual Healing Facilitator
Christina Castaldo, Sexual Healing Artist and Facilitator