As She Is

As She is

As She Is, a collection of Yoni Prints gathered from Intimate Portrait sessions.

Each woman during her session, chooses colors that speak to her, that she is inspired by or that have personal meaning. We use these colors during her session and her Yoni begins to tell her story through the process. Allowing us to see her, as only she wants to be seen.

Each Yoni Print is a Sacred Art of the Divine Feminine.

Sacred - honoring the Divine Being within each of us, respecting one another's choice in relation to their body and having unconditional love fill the spaces between what is and what will be. 

Art - the application of paint on to a surface with the intend to create what wants to be seen and come forth from the depths of our mind, body and spirit. 

Yoni Prints, are a living sacred art. 

Yoni Prints invite us to surrender and allow, to accept and embrace. They remind us that she is a part of us, she expresses herself in various ways, unpredictable, wise, flirtatious, mysterious, bold, brave and an endless source of creative power and we honor her,

As She Is

Sustainability Philosophy

What is given, is returned with love.

25% of the profit of each Yoni Print purchased within the As She Is collection is given to the woman whose Yoni was captured.

Yoni Prints available for purchase change throughout the year.

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As she is