I decided to have my yoni printed to connect with myself on a different level. Since moving to Arizona a year ago, I have felt the best I have in over 10 years and started a journey of self discovery and self love. I was very fortunate to be introduced to Christina and have attended other workshops that she facilitated. Christina has an amazing energy and an amazing spirit. 

The process of getting my yoni printed was amazing. 

Starting with connecting to my yoni and listening to what she has to tell me. This was a new experience for me and I was immediately at ease with the way that Christina goes about the process. She explains everything that she is doing and made me feel very comfortable. Christina's touch was gentle as she captured the detail and spirit of my yoni. The paint brush is soft and the application of paint, gentle. The sensation is like nothing I've felt before. It was as if my yoni was saying, "Here I am, all of me, see me, hear me, I am beautiful." The first moment I saw my yoni prints I was in awe. It was amazing to see what she looked like. As the printing continues it was remarkable to see all that she was in different stages of openness.

I was fortunate to have to have another sister with me, someone I did not really know, but I am so glad she was there. There was an instant connection and bonding with another woman on another level, that does not happen often. The sisterhood between the three of us as I went through the process is something that I will treasure. I was able to let go of the things that hold me back. Things like embarrassment and body shaming were pushed aside. I was able to show who I am without fear. 

Such a powerful experience.

To me having my yoni printed, was about learning about myself and empowering myself. I had a feeling of pride. Standing back and looking at all the prints, I continued to see something different in each print. Beauty, Strength, Nature, Love, Movement. I have all of those things and more inside of me and I'm grateful for the experience. Grateful for the ability to see myself in a new way. 


 I didn’t say "yes" to having Christina create a print of my yoni. I said “YES! I can’t believe I can be a part of this! Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, this collection could be as impactful to women’s self acceptance as the Great Wall of Vagina and I can be a part of helping women to accept themselves wholely”. I can be a part of the healing of years of shame learned from sex negativity, emotional abuse, sexual abuse and daily micro aggressions. I can be a part of the moment when a woman sees the beauty of a hidden part of a woman which is usually only seen clearly in porn. I can be a part of showing women that our yonis, like our personalities, are all unique expressions of the chi or ashe or tao which flows through us, around us and is us.


There is no Self. There is only the I , that is We. 


The process of presenting my yoni, connecting with her in front of another, and allowing that other person to touch me where only a few have respectfully gone was blissful, intuitive, sad, and healing. I agreed to being a part of the Yoni Print collection to be a part of healing other women, to open their eyes to their own beauty and to help them recognize that we are one, we are unique, and ALL is well. But as I placed one hand on my heart and one on my yoni I felt and knew in my soul that I was the woman who most needed a collection like this to be made. I needed to share my yoni and I needed to see the yonis of other women so I can heal, so I can reconnect with her, and so I can see I’m not different. Unique, but not different.

Different has such a negative connotation for me. I have been different all my life but in this collection I am unique. Now I see, my yoni and I are uniquely beautiful and after this experience she is uniquely celebrated


The genesis of “yes” for me is simply because I was asked and yoni printing sounded interesting.

The journey the “yes” took me on was unexpected. The process of the painting itself was fascinating. It should have felt odd baring my most private self, but instead it felt like coming home. It felt like the joy and intimacy of family. Unexpected emotion welled up, and I could clearly hear my yoni’s authentic voice for the first time. It was like receiving the most delicious hug from the universe. 

When I saw the prints (and I still can’t stop looking at them) I was entranced. I find that they tell me something new about myself each time I look at them. Ballet dancers, peacocks, pop culture references, pieces of my relationships...all captured in my yoni, my Natasha, guardian of my soul. The rebirth of a Phoenix burning bright with flame. 

I shared my experience with several people I love, and the telling of the tale was something intimate, sweet and exciting. I was surprised at the reaction of my husband. In hearing about the experience, it allowed him to hear Natasha’s voice as well. On occasion he will talk to her now, placing his hand over her and honoring her with his love and warmth. As for me, I feel like I havewoken a slumbering entity. One that is maiden, mother and crone. It sometimes feels like an impossible wisdom. I will be eternally grateful for the gift.


Like many things in my life, the choice comes down to friendship, trust, and curiosity. I haven’t felt like a creative person since childhood, but when Christina began talking about yoni prints the idea of collaborating with her and seeing what would be revealed excited me.

The experience for me can only be described as anxious relaxation.

I put myself in Christinas capable hands and sank into the sensations: the softness of the paintbrush, the coldness of the paint, the pressure of the surface; arousing and relaxing all at once. But the anticipation remained and each print was new and different. I was anxious to see what would be revealed each time and amazed by the many ways my yoni presented herself. I didn’t think she had that many facets or that I would see so much in my prints!

I’ve shared my favorite prints with others and encouraged them to do prints of their own. I would definitely do it again! I’m so glad that I took the chance, and I couldn’t have done it without Christina on the other end of the paintbrush.


My yoni loves to participate in art projects that raise awareness about the beauty and power of ALL women’s genitals. Far too many women experience shame of this most precious and intimate part of themselves and far too many doctors encourage and capitalize on that shame with labiaplasty.

I was extremely comfortable with this artistic process. Christina was very respectful and honoring in her approach. The cherry on top was witnessing Christina’s blossoming as the artist she is!

This is my yoni’s 4th art project. Each project has been very unique and each one has been something I’ve been extremely honored to participate in. I’m thrilled with my yoni prints! They’re exquisite!

This is the first time I’ve been in a relationship while participating in a project. I’m blessed to have a partner that was very happy for me, excited for Christina’s project and genuinely supportive all the way around.


Natural self-expression informs how I share myself with the world, and I can’t imagine a more beautiful way to expose my unique pattern of womanhood than by printing my yoni for all to experience along with me. From the moment I stepped into the studio, undressed and breathed into the space, my space, her space, the space we all inhabit, I was at ease, yet spilling over with curiosity about the process and the outcome. I was seen for my many variations, touched with reverence, painted in all of my glory and pressed and printed upon the curved surface that reflects the space between my thighs.

Each time a new vision, novel expression and unending surprises awaited me. Here I AM, no longer hiding from myself or from those who know me, to see me for who I truly am and for me to show YOU who we ALL are-unique and beautiful creatures.


 The coziness of my own space was soothing, as I undressed for my first ever Yoni Print experience. My curiosity about my first time being printed was quickly replaced with a series of sensations as paint was gently applied. The coolness of the paint, the gentle strokes of the brushes on my yoni, minimal speaking between Christina and I, soon led me into a relaxed, meditative state. 

Time was suspended. 

Viewing my Yoni Prints was a celebration of feminine beauty! I thought, "She has so many moods and expressions!"

I took phone pictures of the prints and find myself looking at them now with a mixture of wonder and a desire to share this Yoni Print experience with women in my Women Healing Women Weekends.


The yoni print process has given me permission to love my yoni again, and really, in a way I haven’t before. 

To see her in the form of a snap shot reminds me how beautiful I am and how much power I hold. 

The birth of my daughter was absolutely ideal and I was able to have the non evasive, non traumatizing home birth I wanted....all except that I tore, which left me feeling slightly broken and used up. 

Having the print done has helped bring me back into my body and remind me how complete I really am. 


As a midwife and Tantra teacher I want to see the Yoni honored. It was a bonding experience. It felt like a sacred temple process. My hope is that people who participate and see the exhibit will be moved by it and that is will support healing the shame, guilt and fear around sexuality.


It was so exciting to see my prints! I've done my own in the past, alone and with friends. But there was definitely something different about having someone else paint me and reveal each print as they were done. It was like seeing myself through another's eyes and I felt beautiful. When I was a kid, my mom told me about women's groups in the 70's that taught each other to view their own genitals. I was immediately captivated by this and remember being about 9 the first time I looked at myself in the mirror. I've always found vulvas to be beautiful and it breaks my heart when folks disparage them, especially their own. I believe projects like this help to normalize the wide variety of our appearances and celebrate the body.

After having my second child two years ago I've been on a journey with my body and my vulva. We're getting older, changing, experiencing things in new ways and hopefully with more wisdom. This was a wonderful bonding experience with my body. I am in a polyamorous marriage, my husband and partners were very supportive of my participation. I'm grateful to have such positive influences in my life. Being seen nude and/or being touched by someone that is not my lover isn't a big deal for me. Hasn't been for a long time. I'm a sex educator, a burlesque artist and former adult actress/stripper. My body has been on display for entertainment and educational purposes. If anything, I'd say putting myself in the artists hands for this project was an affirmation of my love for body-positive, sex-positive work.


Having my yoni printed was to a way for me to connect with my yoni and myself at a deeper level, while being supported by sisters. I participated in a group painting session with other sisters. When I walked in the door I was greeted with love and joy for just showing up. One sister was being printed upon my arrival and I noticed her yoni was hairless. I felt scared, I have not shaved in a long time. After settling into the space I asked if I was suppose to shave. Christina responded so casually, “no, you're perfect just as you are”, I was ecstatic! I knew then I wasn’t going to be judged, my body then softened and I became relaxed. When it was my turn I was thrilled and ready to see what would become of this experience. 

I was surprise when I became calm and entered into a meditative state (this is not a normal state for me to easily go into especially with others present). There is a particular moment that stands out in my mind: it was towards the end of my time when I felt so honored to be in that space and so grateful to be apart of it all, seeing all of my prints hanging on the wall, being surrounded by powerful woman and realizing I was apart of all of that made me come to tears. That I was being held in that space too! This was a very grounding experience for me to be utterly held as I am. I feel alive knowing something so beautiful came from me! I’ve never been creative or the artsy type until now. Being able to accept my body as beautiful art, has opened my heart to loving my body. Also because I have let my hair grow out for the first time in my life and having mixed emotions about this, to see how my prints turned out so unique and beautiful has deepened my love for how natural I allow myself to be. 

Thank you


This experience was an invitation to be liberated in a "whole" new way. First, I felt very whole and beautiful going into the experience and wanted to show my yoni in all her sweetness and badassary. It also felt whole to offer my print as a sign of light and love to other women who are yet unaware of the beauty and wisdom their yoni contains. My desire is that one day all women will be able to love themselves and their yonis in the most holiest of ways.

It felt natural and healing to have another sister to hold and touch my yoni after I'd undressed. I was able to lay my head down and feel the safety of love and surrender to the moment.

This was such a sacred offering, I felt as though I was making a contribution to the circle of women - a message of hope and the vestige of what we (women) can be when we are free of pain.

I am merely grateful for this experience. There is hope and love in sharing my yoni. My prayer is that women receive the message that there is the possibility of love, desire, sovereignty and joy after abuse

- of any kind.


My partner and I felt it was a unique opportunity that would push my personal boundaries and try something I had never experienced before.

I was slightly uncomfortable undressing in front of someone I had not met before and sitting in a vulnerable position. Being in a private room did help me feel fairly comfortable.

There was a slightly strange, but also slightly sexual feeling about being so open and being touched and then having the yoni prints taken. Overall it was a pleasant and somewhat exciting adventure.

Thank you for being so professional and making me a part of the experience.


Yoni printing sounded like a great idea for me at this point in my life. I'm learning to love every part of me and hoped this would help with that.

I was 100% comfortable with Christina, she made sure everything was on my terms. The prints turned out so awesome! Very interesting to see the difference in prints and how easily my body changes.

I shared my experience and some images with close friends and recommend doing it, if at all interested. It's so interesting to learn there are different types of yoni's. and that ours dictate different feelings during intercourse and play. I will for sure be looking into it more.

Thank you Christina


As a tantra teacher and sex therapist, I want to empower women starting with myself. This was a unique and personal experience I did to support my good friend and colleague; as well as to deepen an understanding of myself and my relationship to my yoni and to participate in a project for women that is so personal and intimate.

I was a little uncomfortable at first undressing and allowing another person who wasn’t my partner to touch me. However, I felt very safe and nurtured, respected and loved during the experience. 

I enjoyed seeing my Yoni printed.

It has deepened the meaning I have and the gratitude I have for my Yoni  and for my femininity. It has also reminded me of the power we have as women to create and impact life through being ourselves. Connecting to my Yoni is connecting to the deepest part of myself and my sexuality. I wish this for all women. It’s such a special way of growing  and healing. 


The Why: Because I think she’s pretty and I wanted to see what she looked like on paper. Plus I had seen others so, of course I had to do it! 


The Feeling: Being “open” and vulnerable in a non-sexual way was intriguing and strange, but completely safe. 


The After: Seeing the different designs/images that she created amazed me. That such a delicate piece of the body where life comes from and how amazing it is.