FEBRUARY 16, 2020


Join a small, intimate group of women who are ready to let go of old stories about their Yoni's and discover more of who they are through

Art, Meditation and Education.

During the Big Island Yoni Print Retreat we will be tapping into our grandmother energy, using artistic processes to witness how She wants to be seen .


Fees vary by location and are designed and intended to offer women choices that best support their life, while honoring the retreat and Her facilitator(s). In order to continue with at choice payment plans in the future we have to have at least 75% paying the full registration.

$75.00 Deposit will reserve one seat within the circle and applied to the full registration.

$150.00 (Trade) Allows for exchange of services. 

$180.00 (Support) is an option for women who may be needing support.

$240.00 (I Got This!) is our full registration.

$300.00 (Abundant) is for those in a place of abundance who feel called to help with support for the lower tier. 

Please feel into your body and select your ticket thoughtfully.

There are a limited number of registrations (12) available per retreat. This is intentional to give space for every women to be seen, and her experience heard within the safety of our sacred container. Deposits are not refundable. Registrations can be transferred to another participant for the retreat for which it was purchased. 

Registrations need to be paid in full 2 weeks prior to the retreat date. 

The Full Day and Registration Includes 

  • A space to gather, learn and share together.

  • Organic foods provided throughout the day to nourish the body. Allergies or food restrictions needs to be communicated to Christina no later than 1 week before the start of Yoni Print Retreat. Email

  • The use of all materials. Includes any Meditation, Yoni Printing supplies and Sacred Sexuality educational materials. 

  • Morning sharing on a Native American teaching that shines a light on the types of Yoni's and how they relate to each woman according to the Medicine Wheel. 

  • Afternoon teaching of how to print your own Yoni according to a specific artistic process. Each retreat will share a different approach and offer a specific style. Only one artistic process will be shared in each retreat. Each woman will be at choice as to how she wants to participate. Participation is not expected or assumed. However, if a woman chooses to not participate with the group there will be a waiting room for her to relax. This ensures the privacy of those who are Yoni Printing themselves. 

  • Early evening Yoni meditation connecting a woman to the inner wisdom of her womb. Shamanic drumming guides the women into an altered state where she has an internal dialogue with her womb. This is a time when she can ask questions that only her womb can answer. 

  • Time for journaling or reflecting. 

  • Customize Yoni Prints with your own story or quote on a professional Matte provided for you. 

  • Authentic sharing with caring ears and open hearts in circle where everyone has the spaciousness to be seen and heard. 

  • The day schedule is created so that everyone has the time to go at their own pace. Nothing is rushed giving time for the experience to integrate throughout the day. 

  • A variety of healing ceremonies can be shared within the circle if women call it in. This is only done when it's appropriate and in alignment with the group. The facilitator reserves the right to make the decision around what ceremonies may be incorporated.

  • You will be taking home with you: 1 Yoni Print Journal, 1 Professional Matte, Yoni Print Paint and 1 Professional Brush along with your Personalized Yoni Prints.


Yoni Printing Package $120.00

A customized package of all of the material and supplies you will need to begin your Yoni Printing practice at home.

This needs to be purchased 4 weeks prior to the retreat.


Retreat participants are responsible for the cost and scheduling of their own accommodations and transportation. Location of the Yoni Print Retreat is emailed to each full registrant. If you have a 50% deposit and would like the location for planning your trip, email


Ellison Onizuka Kona International Airport (KOA)

1 hour and 10 min drive to Retreat location. 

Uber and Lyft pick up area in airport departure area. 

Car rental at (KOA) 

Enterprise Rent A Car (808) 334-1810

Thrifty Rent A Car (877) 238-0898

Hilo International Airport (ITO)

Tony's car Rental (808) 430-9111

Hawaii Car Rentals (808) 961-9321

Hertz (808) 935-2898

Alamo Rent A Car (888) 826-6893

Contact Yoni Print Retreat Organizer Hope Anderson  to find out if there is a Ride Share and/or Room Share for Yoni Print Retreat participants from International Airport to Retreat location. 

Hotels near Yoni Print Retreat 

What to Bring


Clothes - A Dress, Skirt or Sarong in addition to your garment bag.

Personal Cup to fill and refill water.

Yoga Mat - To add some cushion for your body during the meditation.

Blanket - In case your body temperature fluctuates during the day.

Sacred, Inspirational, Heart items for the collective center piece.

Written Intention for your experience.

Open Heart!

Anything that will make your experience even better!

Hand Drum, Rattle, Tambourine that you would like to include in the opening and closing dance. 

Personal Pillow - This can be one from your home or a travel pillow.

Socks - In case your body temperature fluctuates during the day.

Special Foods, Drinks or Snacks - that are specific to their desires. 

Personal Journal - We will have paper for writing. This is if you wish to document your experience in your personal journal.

Cash for Yoni Prints by Charlotte Criste and Christina Castaldo that call to you. There will be a very small amount available.

Self Love
Group Heaing
Ashes to Ashes

yoni print retreat full length video