Custom matting creates an eligant and professional finish to your artwork with a variety of sizes, colors and brands to choose from. 


Base cost is for artists time and travel to order your custom matte from the framing gallery.

Prices are based on standard sizes associated with the sizes used commonly for Yoni Print Portrait Sessions. 


Would you like to order your own matting?

It's nice ot go down to your local framing gallery to view all the different varities and colors. 

In Phoenix, Contact Jenny Stevenson, The Art of Framing 602-277-3112 

5018 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85012

Custom Matte

  • Here are few suggestions to make your matted Sacred Art last a lifetime.

    • Most important- your Sacred Art, Yoni Print should be framed by a professional. Putting your Yoni Print behind glass (or plexiglass) will protect it from outside elements such as dust, humidity and dirty or oily hands.

    • If you matte and frame your Yoni Print yourself, wash your hands and avoid getting any natural oils on the matte or paper. 

    • Do not hang your Yoni Print in direct sunlight. Even though professional artist materials were used for your Yoni Print the sun can do severe damage in fading your Sacred Art. Best suggestion would be to rotate your Yoni Print throughout your home.

    • Not all environments are suitable for hanging artwork. Humidity in a bathroom, grease in a kitchen or soot from a fireplace can damage your art. Be thoughtful when choosing a good location.