Title | Scarab

Collection | I am her.

Sizes Available | 4x6, 5x7, 8x11

Yoni Print by Sexual Healing Artist Christina Castaldo 


Original Prints are not for purchase.

This Yoni Print is a reprint of the Original.

Archival Reproduction:

This print is created with high quality archival inks and paper.


Know this Yoni Print to be Alive and Embodied. It vibrates and radiates Divine Feminine Energy. This Yoni Print was created by imprinting a woman's external Yoni, capturing her essence and love for those who wish to gaze upon her with admiration for the healing and expansion of our collective sexual awakening.


As part of our sustainability philosophy this collection of art financially distributes 35% of its income from reproduced prints back to the whole community of women who are a part of “I am Her” and 25% goes to a select non-profit organization.


  • How exciting- You purchased a Yoni Print that you love! But now what? How do you care for it?

    Well first, let’s agree that you do need to take care of it. Artwork is a breathing, living part of your life now. It expands and contracts with the environment and responds to what it is touched by. 

    Here are few suggestions to make your Sacred Art last a lifetime.

    • Most important- your Sacred Art, Yoni Print should be framed by a professional. Putting your Yoni Print behind glass (or plexiglass) will protect it from outside elements such as dust, humidity and dirty or oily hands.

    • If you frame your Yoni Print yourself, wash your hands and avoid getting any natural oils on the paper. 

    • Do not hang your Yoni Print in direct sunlight. Even though professional artist materials were used for your Yoni Print the sun can do severe damage in fading your Sacred Art. Best suggestion would be to rotate your Yoni Print throughout your home.

    • Not all environments are suitable for hanging artwork. Humidity in a bathroom, grease in a kitchen or soot from a fireplace can damage your art. Be thoughtful when choosing a good location.

    And above all – ENJOY!! Take her in as often as possible. Art is created to enhance our lives – live with it everyday!