We all feel called for different reasons. And really, the reason is not always as important as the fact that you have arrived, curious, willing and ready (at least partially) to investigate and explore your relationship with yourself. You can move at your own pace, you can choose what feels in alignment for you. All things Yoni Print are born of the belief in conscious choice and listening, so please, read below and feel into your body. Let us know how we can be of service.


As this art is living art, so too is the process of creating it. While one form of medicine and artistry comes from the individual, one on one sessions, still another is available to you through group retreats. Within this space will we invite one another to witness and participate in the journey together. The experience of witnessing another's evolution, in any capacity, is one that cannot be expressed or articulated near closely enough. It is the deepest form of intimacy and it is the most sacred treasure of Sisterhood. We honor this space and we revel in this gift. 


Please know that these retreats are open to all those who identify as female or those who are in transition in any way. Yoni is all of us. She does not require that you show up in any particular way, merely that you show up. 

During these retreats, you can expect a rich experience in the three pillars of:

 Yoni Education

Yoni Printing Process

Yoni Meditation 

We will journey into how painting connects a woman to deeper layers of who she is both through the printing process and an awareness of the art itself... of YOURSELF as art. We will meditate to bring us into ourselves; to gain a deeper understanding and expanded awareness of the subtle wisdom that lays within our bodies. She is so available to us always and in this sacred space, we will make ourselves available to Her.

As always, leaving space for more.

Each woman brings with her, her experience and with that it's important that loving space is given for the unplanned. 

The spontaneous. The Magic. 

We come together. 

It is incredibly important that everyone has agency of their level of participation.

Just showing up, can be perfect for some women. Others will dive as deeply as possible.

All is welcome. 

Shared Experience

I was nervous going in that I would be judged. Or that I would be uncomfortable with the level of vulnerability and exposure that I assumed would be required. Once I entered the circle and sat with the other women, I realized there was no judgement or want to judge. We were all there for ourselves, to create strength and power in ourself. All of the women wanted to help create that strength in each other, as well. We had all been through so many of the same things. Body shaming, Puritan upbringings, being told not to explore or understand our own bodies, traumas both physical and emotional. Everyone was very supportive, and giving, and warm. 


We were encouraged to be as open or as reserved as we needed, and to be as exposed or covered as we needed. There were no phones allowed so we were able to be mindful in the space, and it also gave us privacy. Christina is both funny and informative. She is loving and supportive, and encourages you to do you. It helps create an easy and home-like environment. I had a great time. The ladies were wonderful, the space was beautiful, the printing was fun and easy, and the hostess was amazing.

- Stephanie Utkin


yoni print retreat full length video