Healing is a multi-faceted approach. We must honor our physical body, our emotional body, our mental body and our spiritual body. While talk therapy is tremendous on its own, its impact and success can be enhanced by physical touch, such as massage therapy. While massage therapy is incredibly preventative on its own, its impact and success can be enhanced by yoga or meditation. It is this holistic and dynamic attention to healing that we invite in through our

Professional Referral Network.

Yoni Print is privileged to team up with local surgeons,psychiatrists, practitioners and coaches in support of their clients.Taking into consideration the many ways in which one heals, Yoni Printis a seamless counterpart to many modalities of transformation andpersonal evolution. If you are interested in becoming part of ournetwork, please contact us at

"Overcome the notion that you must be regular

It  robs you of the chance to be extraordinary." -

Uta Hagen

transformative Surgeons

Cosmetic and plastic surgery is a transformative process; making changes to enhance or restore comfort or appearance of ones personal features. Whether women come in for labiaplasty, labia reduction, or gender reassignment, each one has a common desire, to feel in alignment with their body, to love it and ultimately to feel that love for themselves. 

Yoni Print Artist, Christina Castaldo works with and supports the desires of the client offering each client to opportunity to

learn about what makes them unique,

connect to the wisdom within their body,

release old stories or energetic constraints and 

celebrate who they are, as they are in the way in which they want.

Sessions are hand crafted and designed to support and inspire their transformation.

From the Women who are Reclaiming, Celebrating & Healing

The yoni print process has given me permission to love my yoni again, and really, in a way I 

haven’t before. To see her in the form of a snap shot reminds me how beautiful I am and how much power I hold. 
The birth of my daughter was absolutely ideal and I was able to have the non evasive, non 

traumatizing home birth I wanted....all except that I tore, which left me feeling slightly broken and used up. 
Having the print done has helped bring me back into my body and remind me how complete 

I really am. 

-Amy Otto







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