From the Women who are Reclaiming, Celebrating & Healing

The genesis of "yes" for me is simply because I was asked and yoni printing sounded interesting. The journey the "yes" took me on was unexpected. The process of the painting itself was fascinating. It should have felt odd baring my most intimate self, but instead it felt like coming home. It felt like the joy and intimacy of family. Unexpected emotion welled up, and I could clearly hear my yoni's authentic voice for the first time. It was like receiving the most delicious hug from the Universe. When I saw the prints (and still can't stop looking at them) I was entranced. I find that they tell me something new about myself each time I look at them. Ballet dancers, peacocks, pop culture references, pieces of my relationships....all captured in my yoni, my Natasha, guardian of my soul. The rebirth of a Phoenix burns bright with flame. I shared my experience with several people I love, and the telling of the tale was something intimate, sweet and exciting.

I was surprised at the reaction of my husband. In hearing about the experience, it allowed him to hear Natasha's voice as well. On occasion he will talk to her now, placing his hand over her and honoring her with his love and warmth. As for me, I feel like I have woken a slumbering entity. One that is maiden, mother and crone.

It sometimes feels like an impossible wisdom. I will be eternally grateful for the gift. 

- Bonnie 

I decided to have my yoni printed to connect with myself on a different level. Since moving to Arizona a year ago I have felt the best I have in over 10 years and started a journey of self discovery and self love. I was very fortunate to be introduced to Christina and have attended other workshops that she facilitates. Christina has amazing energy and an amazing spirit.

The process of getting my yoni printed was amazing. Starting with connecting to my yoni and listening to what she has to tell me. This was a new experience for me and I was immediately at ease with the way Christina goes about the process. She explains everything she is going to do and makes you feel very comfortable. Christina's touch was gentle as she captured the detail and spirit of my yoni. The paintbrush is soft and the application of paint is gentle. The sensation is nothing like I've felt before. It was as if my yoni was saying, "Here I am, all of me, see me, hear me, I am beautiful." The first moment I saw my yoni printed I was in awe. It was amazing to see what she looked like. As the printing continued it was remarkable to see all that she was in different stages of openness. I was fortunate to have fellow sister with me, someone I did not really know, but I am so glad she was there. There was an instant connection and bonding with another woman on another level that does not happen often. The sisterhood between the three of us as I went through the process is something I will treasure. I was able to let go of the things that hold me back. Things like embarrassment and body shaming were pushed aside. I was able to show who I am without fear. Such a powerful experience. To me having my yoni printed was about learning about myself and empowering myself. I had a feeling of pride. Standing back and looking at all the prints I continued to see something different in each print. Beauty, strength, nature, love, movement. I have all of those things and more inside of me and I am grateful for the experience. Grateful for the ability to see myself in a new way. 

- Jesika Hartwell


A term derived from the 3.500 year old Indo-European language,
Sanskrit, and one that gives reverence to a woman's entire reproductive
organ, from fallopian tubes to external vulva. In today's evolutionary
time, Yoni Prints speak to all those who desire to honor, celebrate
and cherish their feminine essence.

Yoni, is also a Divine symbol of Universal Procreative Energy.

She is "Sacred Space"
She is "Source of Life"

A Yoni Print™ is the captured image of a woman's external vulva through an artistic process using different mediums onto a surface. 

Printing ourselves onto the earth, paper, rocks and other various surfaces has for thousands of years connected us to ourselves, inspired one another and is a way to tell our story. It activates the history that lays within our blood, that connects us to our ancestors. Our ancestors who told stories with their fingers and hands.  

It is by invitation that this work continues. Where it will go, is a mystery. Today it is shared in the form of retreats, personal portrait sessions, collaborative opportunities and showings at local galleries, businesses and film festivals.


Yoni Print Collections

I am Her & As She Is

Ongoing gathering of portraits created by women coming together to see

themselves through the

creative, transformative and transpersonal

power of Art.

Let's Collaborate

Do you have a community of women you would like to bring this experience to?

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