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Sexual Healing Art


01 About YoniPrint

The exploration of sexual healing through art provides a transformative pathway toward personal growth, self discovery, and celebration.

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Framed Archival Reproduction

Original is Privately Owned

Mona Lisa


03 Clients

Sexual healing art facilitates a profound journey of self-discovery, encouraging individuals to explore and honor their bodies, emotions, and intimate experiences. Incorporating mindful, somatic practices with creative and expressive arts not only contributes to personal growth but also promotes a positive, inclusive narrative surrounding sexuality and body image, nurturing a healthier, more empowered sense of self.

When I first saw a yoni print I was struck with curiosity and with fear.

I had never considered celebrating my yoni and certainly did not consider myself brave enough to bare her to be painted. I kept the idea in the back of my mind with the thought that maybe someday I would have the nerve.


That someday came not long after I started down the path to heal my sexuality and my heart. It was a very natural progression for me that served as a way to take back my power and let go of shame. To be witnessed in such a vulnerable way is powerful. It helped change the way I interact with her.

I let her out to dance more.

I touch her. I stare. I revel in her flirtatious beauty.

I reconnected with myself and my yoni. After my miscarriage, I had a whole host of emotions toward my yoni that I had never felt before. Disappointment, anger and resentment were at the forefront. I worked through most of that on my own but was really able to sink in and bond this weekend like never before. Christina, your work is important and inspirational. I am so grateful to have been able to do this.

I want to open up my and others’ sexuality, desire and connection to our bodies along with the animal part of ourselves. So I love anything involving body paint and this even more so.

I loved being in a creative art space, naked and relaxed with another woman and the connection I felt with her. I was met by her focus and passion for this body of art. I loved the feel of the paintbrush against my inner labia, then clit and entrance to my vulva. It felt light and sometimes grounding. I loved the colors, the gold especially felt luxurious with black.

The experience drew me in, it was hard to leave and I would love to do it again. It’s fun and fascinating seeing every part of my pussy in thick paint on paper, feeling the paper against its folds and then seeing how many shapes it can take.

To me, having my yoni printed was about learning about myself and empowering myself. I had a feeling of pride. Standing back and looking at all the prints I continued to see something different in each print. Beauty, strength, nature, love, movement. I have all of those things and more inside of me and I am grateful for the experience.

Grateful for the ability to see myself in a new way.

I shared my experience with several people I love, and the telling of the tale was something intimate, sweet and exciting. I was surprised at the reaction of my husband. In hearing about the experience, it allowed him to hear Natasha’s voice as well. On occasion he will talk to her now, placing his hand over her and honoring her with his love and warmth. As for me, I feel like I have woken a slumbering entity. One that is maiden, mother and crone. It sometimes feels like an impossible wisdom. I will be eternally grateful for the gift.


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