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An Intimate Self Portrait

A Yoni Print™ is the captured image of a woman's external vulva through an artistic process using different mediums onto a surface; capturing each woman's Divine Feminine essence.

Yoni, is also a Divine symbol of Universal Procreative Energy.

She is "Sacred Space" She is "Source of Life"

These Yoni Prints are one of a kind. They are not edited and cannot be recreated.Each one holds the energetic story and message from the womb in which it was created. 

Yoni Prints are a Sacred form of Art.

Let's Collaborate

Do you have a community of women you would like to bring this experience to?

Do you organize or facilitate an event and would like to incorporate Yoni Printing? 

Do you work in Women's 

wellness and health

Birth and postpartum 

and know this would compliment the work you are providing?