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the work & the artist

Yoni, Printing and the Process.

'Yoni', is a Sanskrit word that encompasses the entire female sexual anatomy, as well as the spiritual and cosmic aspects of feminine energy.

Yoni printing, when combined with mindful, somatic practices transcends the aesthetic expression, becoming a deeply transformative and empowering journey. Through the process, clients engage in a form of tactile and visual exploration that fosters a profound connection between the self and the physical form. This process encourages a heightened awareness and acceptance of the body's unique contours and characteristics allowing clients to embrace and celebrate their Yoni without the constraints of societal norms or expectations. Yoni printing serves as a canvas for self-expression, inspiring a shift in perception from viewing the body as a mere biological entity to an artwork that embodies individuality, fostering a sense of liberation, confidence, and self-empowerment. Yoni printing encourages a positive relationship with one's body, promoting a deeper understanding and appreciation of their genital sense of self while creating a platform for self-love and acceptance.

sexual healing artist



Yoni printing came into my life in 2011, during a time when I was reconnecting with myself outside of being a mom and wife. Developing an intimate relationship with my Body, my Sexuality, and my Womb was an inner journey. I hadn't, until that point in my life had the support or guidance to fully understand the complexities of my sexuality, my particular way of being.


Giving myself permission to do something so Wild, was my little secret. Seeing myself, through art, gave me a unique, outlet to discover more about who I am and through that process,

capture myself. 

When asked in 2018 if I would create an instillation, showcasing Yoni Prints, I knew the only way to do that was to print others. So I started asking. Curious if other women wanted to explore themselves too...

to my surprise, they did,

It's a great undertaking to create a space, for women to feel safe.

Safe opening their legs for someone they don't really know.

I thought of my daughter, my mother, my dear girlfriends.

7 years of participating and leading trainings, classes, workshops, and retreats on topics such as sacred sexuality, consent and boundaries, women's work, conscious communication, somatic practices, were weaved together to create my version, my interpretation of what Yoni Printing can offer.

We are unique, our needs are individualized. I had to be open to creating processes that could meet women wherever they are, wherever they had been and where they wanted to be.

It's an ever evolving journey, that I feel honored to be asked to show up for.

I'm here for them, 

I'm here for the next person who dares to discover themselves through the transformational power of Art!


Graciously Shared Experiences

Each person is supported to share as much or as little as they would like. 

In the nature of curiosity, the questions were asked,

Why did you want to have your Yoni Printedand,

What Was your experience

After having my second child two years ago I've been on a journey with my body and my vulva. We're getting older, changing, experiencing things in new ways and hopefully with more wisdom. This was a wonderful bonding experience with my body.

To me having my yoni printed was about learning about myself and empowering myself. I had a feeling of pride. Standing back and looking at all the prints I continued to see something different in each print. Beauty, strength, nature, love, movement. I have all of those things and more inside of me and I am grateful for the experience.

Grateful for the ability to see myself in a new way. 

The process of getting my yoni printed was amazing.

Starting with connecting to my yoni and listening to what she has to tell me. This is a new experience for me and I was immediately at ease with the way that Christina goes about the process. She explains everything that she is doing and made me very comfortable.

Christina’s touch was gentle as she captured the detail and spirit of my yoni. The paint brush is soft and the application of paint is gentle. The sensation is nothing like I’ve felt before.

It was if my yoni was saying,

“Here I am, all of me, see me, hear me, I am beautiful.

My partner and I felt it was a unique opportunity that would push my personal boundaries and try something I had never experienced before.

I was slightly uncomfortable undressing in front of someone I had not met before and sitting in a vulnerable position.  Being in a private room did help me feel fairly comfortable.

There was a slightly strange but also slightly sexual feeling about being so open and being touched and then having the yoni prints taken. Overall it was a pleasant and somewhat exciting adventure.

Thank you Christina for being so professional and making me a part of the experience.

As a tantra teacher and sex therapist, I want to empower women starting with myself. This was a unique and personal experience I did to support my good friend and colleague; as well as to deepen an understanding of myself and my relationship to my yoni and to participate in a project for women that is so personal and intimate.

I was a little uncomfortable at first undressing and allowing another person who wasn’t my partner to touch me. However, I felt very safe and nurtured, respected and loved during the experience. 

I enjoyed seeing my Yoni printed.

It has deepened the meaning I have and the gratitude I have for my Yoni and for my femininity. It has also reminded me of the power we have as women to create and impact life through being ourselves. Connecting to my Yoni is connecting to the deepest part of myself and my sexuality. I wish this for all women. It’s such a special way of growing  and healing. 

Natural self-expression informs how I share myself with the world, and I can’t imagine a more beautiful way to expose my unique pattern of womanhood than by printing my yoni for all to experience along with me. From the moment I stepped into the studio, undressed and breathed into the space, my space, her space, the space we all inhabit, I was at ease, yet spilling over with curiosity about the process and the outcome. I was seen for my many variations, touched with reverence, painted in all of my glory and pressed and printed upon the curved surface that reflects the space between my thighs.

Each time a new vision, novel expression and unending surprises awaited me. Here I AM, no longer hiding from myself or from those who know me, to see me for who I truly am and for me to show YOU who we ALL are-unique and beautiful creatures.

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